Towing the boat to the marina to get the new/used motor.

Finally found a new/used motor for the boat. Cracked the block last July and have been searching for a used motor ever since.

Can you believe that a brand new 115 hp costs around $10,000 to $12,000.

Very happy with my new used motor, 115hp Merc, now I get to use it maybe two times before I have to put it away for winter.


Sailing thru the Wasauksing Swing Bridge

Sailing thru the Wasauksing Swing Bridge, originally uploaded by GAC'63.

This is a swing bridge just outside Parry Sound, Ontario, leading out to the inner channels of the 30,000 islands of the Georgian Bay.  On the left side of the bridge is the mainland, the right is Wasauksing First Nation on Parry Island. 

No that is not me on the sail boat, I was trapped behind these boats as I was heading back out to the cottage, so I took some photos.