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I haven't posted very much over the last few months so here's a gift, southern ontario punk rock from the late 1970's.

These bands all formed in '75/'76, the colonies/the poor northern cousins answer to DIY bands coming out the US and the UK. It seems that there was a seed in music in that time period that germinated at the same time in western speaking countries. Why?, (in Canada it was CANCON) who knows but the late 1970's was a very rich time for music and the creative spirit. Enjoy.

The Viletones - Screamin Fist.mp3

Forgotten Rebels - Surfing on Heroin.mp3

Diodes - Tired of Waking up Tired.mp3

The Demics - New York City.mp3

Teenage Head - Picture My Face.mp3

There is a heck of a lot more great bands from this time, all you have to do is dig for them.


Blue Angels at the CNE Air Show

I know I haven't posted any music for a while .. sorry about that, but been busy .. I got this email a short while ago. You may want to log in a listen.


Last minute update... Bebel Gilberto, Brazilian singer-songwriter and daughter of the great songwriter Joao Gilberto, and Tom Moon, author of "1,000 Recordings to Hear Before You Die" are joining WNYC's Soundcheck at the Greene Space for a discussion on the shrinking generation gap between parents and their children and the musical inheritances that are taking place.

Then... Rosanne Cash will perform songs from her new album The List. This takes place at 2 pm EDT Wednesday, September 23rd (yes, TOMORROW!). Here's the link you should post for the live videocast of the entire show:

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