Towing the boat to the marina to get the new/used motor.

Finally found a new/used motor for the boat. Cracked the block last July and have been searching for a used motor ever since.

Can you believe that a brand new 115 hp costs around $10,000 to $12,000.

Very happy with my new used motor, 115hp Merc, now I get to use it maybe two times before I have to put it away for winter.


Sailing thru the Wasauksing Swing Bridge

Sailing thru the Wasauksing Swing Bridge, originally uploaded by GAC'63.

This is a swing bridge just outside Parry Sound, Ontario, leading out to the inner channels of the 30,000 islands of the Georgian Bay.  On the left side of the bridge is the mainland, the right is Wasauksing First Nation on Parry Island. 

No that is not me on the sail boat, I was trapped behind these boats as I was heading back out to the cottage, so I took some photos.


Googles Happy Birthday to Keith Haring .. celebrate a life

When I got to work this morning and turned on my computer and this is what a I saw.

First I was sad, Keith died from AIDS in 1990, a wonderful creative artist lost to a horrible disease. But then I began to go thru the links that Google has for Keith, a saw the whimsy, the intelligence, the sexuality & the fun in Kieth's work. I remembered why I have always found him a inspiring artist. A creative fixture on the culture and freedom of his generation.

If you have a chance go thru the collection of his work at www.haring.com or if you can get to the Brooklyn Museum they have a exhibition of his work on right now.

Enjoy. Live. Have a great day. and Smile.


Headstone, Edgeley (Mennonite) Cemetery

I don't know how you feel when a artist or artists pass away.. for me its a loss of my youth, a loss of memory's, a loss of a creativeness. I know people are supposed to die. I know that for some they will be remembered for a long time because of the impact on our culture. It's just a shame to say goodbye. R.I.P. Levon Helm, Dick Clark, Greg Ham, Bert Weedon


Saona island Dominican Republic

Saona island Dominican Republic, originally uploaded by GAC'63.

Damn I want to go back... sitting in a office right now bored out of my mind!


From the is it Art? collection

IMG_0135.JPG, originally uploaded by GAC'63.

Subject "dead tree in lake". Colour stripped, image sharpened, tinted and stressed. Just for fum


Fungus on dead fall

Fungus on dead fall, originally uploaded by GAC'63.

This is where I want to be. Lost in the woods for 5 hours and not stuck in a 9-5 job that I'm bored with.


Toronto skyline

Toronto skyline, originally uploaded by AC'63.

Played hookey from work last week .. don't want to be here and could not handle it anymore. Drove around Toronto taking pictures. To bad someone wouldn't pay me to do this!


Beaver Lodge at Hidden Lake

Beaver Lodge at Hidden Lake, originally uploaded by AC'63.

I took 7 teenagers for a walk to the hidden lake on McLaren island. Little did I know that it would take a hour to get there, one hour at the lake rowing them around, and 3 hours lost in the bush trying to get home.


Dallas Rapids, the mouth of the French River, Georgian Bay, Ontario

My Great Grandfather Knight, and great great Grand Father Logan, stood at these rapids and fished over a hundred years ago.

With this map you can see what the mouths of the French look like. This is all glacier carved rock. We started by boat at Key River, entered the Georgian Bay at Key Harbour and and arrived at the lower Pickerel River 50 minutes later. True Georgian Bay wilderness.

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Polar Bears Swimming at Lincoln Park Zoo

Lincoln Park Zoo - Chicago (24), originally uploaded by AC'63.

Took the origional of this back in 2008 on our trip to Chicago. I had forgotten all about it, I cropped and sharpened the image and got the above. Fairly happy with it.


Deer in my backyard

Deer in my backyard, originally uploaded by AC'63.

I live on a park in what used to be North York. It's very beautiful and quite, but I just live south of a very busy and dangerous area called the Jane Finch corridor.
This is what I got to wake up to this morning.