Middle daughters photo of the sunset at the cottage

Another week off ... going up north to the cottage. Northern Ontario bush, Georgian Bay water, stripping a old cedar strip canoe, swimming and fishing. BBQ every night, wife baking in the sun, warm nights, and good beer. What better way to spend a week, only thing that could make it better would be some good music. I've run a few albums through on my TTusb turntable this week (first time I've been able to get it out in over a month.)
Enjoy and buy!

Some of my favorite songs:

John Lennon - Instant Karma (Live) - Live In New York City {Buy}
English Beat (hey I'm a Canadian, this is what we've always know them as!) - Whine & Grine/Stand Down Margaret - Just Can't Stop It! {Buy}
D.O.A. - War - War on 45 {Buy}

Lollapalooza is this weekend in Chicago, I got a really cool link in my email. I'll be up north, so you people enjoy. It seems we can see Lollapalooza live if we want, can't find a cost can you?

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