I stood in Daly Plaza at 10pm at night taking a picture of a Picasso. Chicago .. what a town. Had a great trip, enjoyed almost every minute of it, and will go back again. Though I think without the kids. Maybe this time I'll go in June for the Blues Festival. No wonder they call it sweet home chicago.

If you want pizza go to Pizza Uno/Duo, if you want music Buddy Guys, and you have to take a river cruise.

Robert Johnson - Sweet Home Chicago {Buy}
Eric Clapton - Sweet Home Chicago - Complete Clapton {Buy}
The Blues Brothers - Sweet Home Chicago - The Definitive Collection {Buy}
Stevie Ray Vaughan [with Buddy Guy, Robert Cray, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Vaughn] - Sweet Home Chicago(Live 8-26-90)

Robert Johnson Sweet Home Chicago Guitar Tab

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Donnnnn said...

My oldest 'boy' just turned 18 and this week he is off to Lollapalooza..he discovered the Tings this winter on his school trip to London and I got him hooked on Bloc Party so when he found out that they were both going to Lolla that was that!

Oh to be 18 again...instead of being a Dad who is a little worried (he's a great kid it's other people that scare me) and being more than a little jealous to be on the cusp of Life again.

What are ya gonna do?