I'm not going to call this anything but the EXCESS Post... Look, I don't know about you but I did things to excess when I was younger, I mean drinking and drugs. We all might have, to different degrees. Some of us got smart and slowed down ... others didn't and checked out.

All the songs below are from great artists who did things to excess and sang about it.


Cab Calloway -1931- Minnie The Moocher {buy}
Hendricks, Ross & Lambert - 1960 - Gimme That Wine {buy}
John Lee Hooker - ? - Whiskey and Wimmen {buy}
The Doors - 1967 - Alabama Song(Whiskey Bar) {buy}
Jefferson Airplane - 1967 -White Rabbit {buy}
Velvet Underground - 1967 - Heroin {buy}
Canned Heat - 1968 -Amphetamine Annie {buy}
Eric Burden - 1970 -Spill the Wine {buy}
Don McLean - 1971 -American Pie {buy}
Neil Young - 1972 -The Needle and the Damage Done {buy}
Eric Clapton - 1977 - Cocaine {buy}
Johnny Thunders - 1976 -Chinese Rocks {buy}
Ian Dury and the Blockhead - 1977 - Sex & Drugs and Rock n Roll {buy}
Monks - 1979 - Drugs in My Pocket {buy}
Social Distortion - 1990 - Drug Train {buy}
Placebo -1998 - Pure Morning {buy}
Amy Winehouse - 2006 -Rehab {buy}

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Matt said...

Good theme!
(coming from one'a them shlub's what ain't got his chemicals quite balanced... Yet. Hee!)