Toronto crop B&W saturation

Toronto crop B&W saturation, originally uploaded by AC'63.

I am a corporate SHILL

I was contacted by Lydia from http://www.womworld.com/ a Nokia marketing firm to try out the new Nokia N8 camera phone.

These are some of the photos I've taken with it. It's a great camera for a cell phone, but I would like a more powerful zoom, and less washout on the flash.

It has a lot of fun toys for editing on the camera. Better than any other camera phone that I have ever seen. If I did any editing on these shots it was with the cameras editing tools.

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Zer0_II said...

Hello. This is Zer0_II from the Digital Meltd0wn music blog. I thought I would drop by and say thank you for throwing up a link to my blog on yours. I haven't had the chance to browse through your blog, but I'm about to do just that. Thank you once again and take care.