Toronto sky line from the Sound Academy

Fridays nights concert was a pain, I should have gone to my daughters hockey game.  I got the Nokia N8 as a two week trial, it arrived the evening of the concert.  I took it without getting a chance to charge it.  Figured out how to take photos while at the concert.   The Toronto skyline above was the first picture shot with the N8 without using the flash. 

KO singing

KO was ok, not my cup of tea you might say. His back up band was good, though I found he screamed his way through the lyrics.

Guitarist for KO

Michael Rault can defiantly play guitar, but his voice was squeaky and aggravating.


Charlie Winston was good, his band was awesome, nice collection of jazz, latin, big band and pop. His harmonica player was one of the best I've ever seen. He made the damn thing sound like a trumpet!
I just wish Charlie Winston had not boomboxed / skat, it just bugged me.


Bedouin Soundclash was disappointing, the lead singers voice was cracking and disappearing throughout the show .. I left after 3 songs.   Maybe I wasn't drunk enough!

The battery on the N8 died so no photos, no problem because its not a camera for concerts, zoom isn't good enough to handle taking shots from the mid audiance.  .

Doors: 7:00pm
KO: 7:30-8:00pm
Michael Rault: 8:20-8:50pm
Charlie Winston: 9:10-10:10pm
(it was a forty minute to do the staging, maybe this is what got me pissed off)
Bedouin Soundclash: 10:40-11:40pm

(the photo's were taken with the Nokia N8)

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