Okay is this sad or is this sad. A 45 year old fat man who likes Art, Flowers, gardening, cooking and watching young dancers. Yes!!!! I've found another TV show to watch with wife, one that I can enjoy. Hell I didn't get my IPod or pick up my book for two hours.

Tune into "So You Think You Can Dance Canada", I just spent two hours watching the show and enjoyed just about every minute. Is every dancer fantastic, no. Are the judges fair and even, no. But you do get to watch some really hot young dancers showing off their skills, take a few minutes and sit down and watch it, it's worth the time.

The last couple of the night did a entertaining job to Sam & Dave's Soul Man {Buy}. Give it a listen.

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Matt said...

Sorry it took so long to get back to you about Star Maker Machine...

There USED to be an open call for submissions in the sidebar, but now that we've got a ton of contributors, it's been removed.

But... If you write something up and send it to me - along with the mp3 - I will post it, under your name, on the Machine.