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I started to write a whinny post about pondering my position in the relevance of life and if I'm important to anyone outside of my own little circle. You know that whine of "where is my 15 seconds of fame." And then I realized who gives a fuck. Work is work, living is living and if you get a few minutes of joy each day your doing fine.

Enjoy the following

Gene Vincent - Be Bop A Lula {Buy}

John Lennon - Be Bop A Lula {Buy}

The Clash - Be Bop A Lula {Buy ? }

Be Bop A Lula Guitar Tab


Matt said...

Regarding SMM:

No, you're not blind... Used to be, when the Machine was in it's infancy, a tutorial and submission-guide-line and link to do that was n the sidebar. I didn't realize we'd grown up so much and had enough contributors to not need the begging like that, so the side-bar link had been removed... Fear not, though!

If you write up whatever write-up you have for the current weeks theme, and include the appropriate .mp3, and email it to me, I'll post it up, giving you all the credit and everything.

Do a few of them well (which I'm sure you would) and I'm sure things could be arranged to give you full posting privileges...

So, um... bring the noise and funk!

<--cross-posted to your other blogs.

send yer stuff to: somematt@gmail.com

Matt said...

Oh, and regarding what you posted up about "where is my 15 seconds?"...

I think I wasted my own 15 seconds wondering when the pizza was going to show up! Shows how wasted and stupid I can be!

Eh... Kidding aside, I came across your spot on your first or second posting, but really haven't stopped back since. I forgot to bookmark it, so - you know how the internet is - ultimately forgot to revisit. Not so anymore, though.

You are bookmarked, and what I've glanced at your past few postings, I think needs more reading.

But I'm falling asleep now. these 14 hour days are draining me.