In 1980 I was only 17. I was a Punk/New Wave snob. I wouldn't listen to anything that wasn't new. I talked about how dinosaur rock had to go, I wanted to see young and inventive artist take over the stage. I thought I knew everything about music.

Then I heard a song that I wasn't supposed to like, it was Heavy Metal. It went against everything I thought music was supposed to be about. I started to grow up real quick and realize that music is music and you can like whatever you want to and that you don't have to be part of a clique to express your tastes in music. (Though I admit it does help to have other people backing you up when you are faceing down another group of teens that may not like you becuase of the music your listening to and the way you look ... fists and boots hurt)

download/listen to -> Motörhead, Ace of Spades.mp3 {Buy} 1980

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Happy Canada Day and have a great 4th of July

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Allan said...

A little Lemmy goes a long way!