Give it all you got, or forget about it - Joe Strummer (1952-2002).

drifting snow.
Damn, I say this every year. We are supposed to be happy and getting ready for the holidays, but December sucks.

Bhopal disaster, Montreal Massacre, the 2004 Tsunami, John Lennon's death and the death of Joe Strummer.  I know, I know, their deaths can't compare to these horrible tragedies, but they were turning points on how people looked at the world and defined were they stood at that time.

All I can say is I miss Joe's talent.

When you listen remember Joe.

The Clash - Hateful
Kid Dynamite - Hateful

The Clash - Career Opportunities (Live)
? - Career Opportunities

The Clash - London's Burning
Silverchair - London's Burning

The Clash - Spanish Bombs
We Have Ears - Spanish Bombs

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