Wolfmother - The Kool Haus - 11/11/09

Okay .. I went to see Wolfmother last night, awesome show. How awesome .. I am deaf right now. All I can hear is a buzzing in my ears, and I wore high end earplugs. Fuck it rocked. I was going to take the Canon DSLR, but chickened out and only had my cellphone.

Andrew Stockdale is a artist, I was never really into the whole guitar god thing of the 70's (Clapton is God, Hendrix is God, Page is God, that sort of thing. Personally I always thought they were wankers who wanted to show off what they could do with a guitar). But I can see why people said those things, Stockdale was awesome, loud, brash, hard hitting, and that was with his guitar (I couldn't make out a damn thing he said).
The music was incredible, they did a really good range of old songs off the first album (Wolfmother) and the new (Cosmic Egg). The new stuff came across as strong as the older music. Heavy hard hitting rock. I won't compare them Zeppelin or ZZ Top, I think Stockdale and Wolfmother are going to make a very strong spot for themselves in the history of music. They guys won't fade away.

The show lasted just over two hours, if it had gone any longer I don't think I would hear ever again. They closed the encore with Joker and the Thief , which really got the audience going out on a high note.

I have to say this for his new backing band, we are not missing out by losing the original members. Its a shame to see them go. But the bassist/keyboard player, Ian Peres, was awesome. I swear the guy head banged more then the people in the audience, but never missed a beat, and what he could do with the Moog, WOW!!!
Don't have much to say about the rhythm guitar, Aidan Nemeth, he did a solid job backing up Stockdale. No flash, but he didn't need to. His riffs were solid and kept pace with Stockdales improvisation. The only thing he needs to do is watch out, Ian almost took his face off twice with the neck of his bass.

The drummer, Dave Atkins, is in the line of Bonham and Moon. A "Banger", huge meaty drum sticks banging and crashing down onto the head and cymbals, creating a deep dark bass thrum in the concert hall.
If you have the time or the cash, I would go see Wolfmother, great concert.
Enjoy the following cuts, go out and buy "Wolfmother" and "Cosmic Egg" (I picked Comsic Egg up last night at the show, got the extra CD with 4 bonus tracks)

Enjoy the following
Wolfmother - Cosmic Egg (BBC Session Acoustic 10-20-09)
Wolfmother - Witchcraft (Live at Wireless 03-10-05)
Wolfmother - Joker and the Thief (Live in St. Petersburg Fl '06)
Wolfmother - Communication Breakdown [11.14.06 - uk rock and roll hall of fame ceremony]

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