Sunset On The Bay, August 09

I have been working on this blog for like a year and I have only 48 posts, that sucks. But in all reality I have been downloading and listening to some great music. I enjoy posting music, and finding covers of songs that I like, and sometimes I might come up with something interesting to say about music. Cool. That's why I am doing this. Or at least I think that is why I am doing this.

Anyway here is something I'm going to try and work on for the next while. I put before you this hypothesis ....

Modern Popular Music (from Rock'n Roll, R&B, Pop, Metal, Death Metal, Rap, Hip Hop, Funk etc) Would Not Exist Without American Race Radio.

How is that for a statement. Do you think I can prove it? Well I am going to try, because I do believe that it is a fact. Now onto research, I will post my findings over the next while.

I received two emails today that made me feel kind of good, I have been asked to review some new music. I've received a few in the past but have never done anything about it. I know, I know, every music blog receives these emails. Some Record company PR guy grabs as many emails as he can, then mass mails requests for reviews. but I think I will give it a try. Let me know what you think when I'm done.

I seem to have a following of people coming by, not for my post, but to find out what other music bloggers I link to are doing. Kind of funny isn't.

Enjoy the covers!

Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Down By The River Live at River Bend Music Center, Cincinnati Ohio, Hordefest mp3
Buddy Miles - Down By The River
Low - Down By The River
Indigo Girls - Down By The River

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Anonymous said...

hey I am a follower of your blog for your links saves time finding whats updated I too am 46 living in sydney australia with 3 kids and when I told my mum I was listening to bob dylan she said "aw grow up" I am interested in your hypothesis I wonder if any recordings of race radio exist? Ive heard a track goofin' off on stax that seems to be radio djs. In cleveland ghoulardi and the mad daddy inspired the cramps and devo and a generation of kids. shanebroue@hotmail.com