Monte Carlo Monaco

Here it is the middle of February, the snow is almost gone (damn, it's snowing again today), and I want to go away somewhere but I can't.

I'm now another year older, not wiser.

We have a new car (just today - a new Mazda 6), the old crown vic is dead (a write off in a low speed collision, the guy even admitted to hitting me so the insurance covered everything)

I really don't feel like writing anything else today so here is one of my favorite songs covered by a bunch of bands. Enjoy and go and buy if you like them.

Mott the Hoople - All The Young Dudes {Buy}

Billy Bragg - All The Young Dudes {Buy}

F.U.'s - All The Young Dudes {Buy}

David Bowie - All The Young Dudes {Buy}

The Skids - All The Young Dudes {Buy}


Nazz Nomad said...

happy b-day, happy new car (i had a mazda 6 2006 for awhile till it got totalled).
and allt he young dudes is always appropriate!
count your blessings- as i am sure you are

running42k said...

Happy birthday.

David Sadof said...

Nice. I didn't know Billy Bragg had covered All The Young Dudes. Who's singing with him?

simon2307 said...

Hi, great post, love that tune.
Alejandro Escovedo does a live version of it too, email if you'd like a copy. Cheers Simon

Anonymous said...

That's probably Jill Sobule with Bragg. And she has done it solo and with the late Warren Zevon. Still love the original, and World Party's cover for the 'Clueless' soundtrack