Cancon II


Just a little game for a long weekend (not here in Canada but down in the States - it's their Thanksgiving), Middle (that is what I call my 14 year old) is in a (Ice) hockey tournament in Pittsburgh PA ( a good 5 1/2 hour drive this afternoon), so yes I am taking a long weekend. She's a goalie, not a bad one, or at least I think so. It should be good, a bunch or hockey loving families heading to the states for a tournament weekend and shopping (no tax on cloths in Pennsylvania)

Anyway .. here are the rules for what makes a song Cancon:
(the MAPL system):
M (music) - the music is composed entirely by a Canadian.
A (artist) - the music and/or the lyrics are performed principally by a Canadian.
P (production) - the musical selection consists of a live performance that is (i) recorded wholly in Canada, or (ii) performed wholly in Canada and broadcast live in Canada.
L (lyrics) - the lyrics are written entirely by a Canadian.

So the game is -> what makes the following songs Cancon? Post your answers in the comments and lets see who gets all four right.

Stompin' Tom Connors - Good Old Hockey Game {buy}

Ashely MacIsaac - Rusty Deconstruction {buy}

Buffalo Springfield - For What Its Worth {buy}

Rufus Wainwright & Martha Wainwright - Hallelujah (live at Glastonbury Festival 2007)

Enjoy the long weekend if you get one. Or just enjoy the day,


Dale said...

I can tell you what makes that photo CanCon! Beautiful shot.

I'm guessing here:

1. M

2. M & A

3. P

4. A & L

David Snusgrop said...

Thanks for the links. ;)

AC@45 said...

wow hard to get people to play games ....



4)M A L

plasticsun said...

I don't think that "For What It's Worth" fits the guidelines - true, both Neil Young and Bruce Palmer are/were Canadian but this is a Stephen Stills(unCanadian) song - he wrote it, sings it, etc. While Neil Young adds great guitar, he and Bruce Palmer are only 40% of Buffalo Springfield.